Weathered and Grey

I noticed my first grey hair today and I wasn’t shocked like I thought I should be.

I didn’t feel older than I already do,

I didn’t look older than I already am.

I already think I am too old for certain endeavors, certain experiences, and certain adventures.

I remember when I was too young for all things now taken for granted;

the daily activities of a weathered man.

These very complaints I hear from others.

” I’m too old for that, way past my prime.”

” I’m too young for this, it’s not merely my time.”

These words become repetitive as we are waiting to die.

I didn’t want these thoughts with my first grey hair, 

so I made up my mind with that cold scared stare.

I would have a word with God while waiting to die.

We are never too young or too old to experience life,

that is the only gift given with each day and each night.

With each breath we are given we must do something right,

to man or to woman, to earth or to wild.

We are given so much time, thus why we are special.

We must look after all of mom’s earth even if just friendly smiles. 

The accumulation of wealth has replaced our actions.

Our minds are lost thinking we have to decide,

but we must live life until the moment we die.

Share with your sisters.

Share with your brothers.

Share with the ocean, the mountains, the feathered.

Share this gift we unwrap every day.

Share this gift as your hair turns to grey.